Position(s): 2B
Stats: .266 BA 1775 H 252 HR 1021 RBI
Career: 1992-2005
Team(s): Mariners, Reds, Braves, Padres, Twins
Accomplishments: 3x All-Star, 4x Gold Glove, 2x Silver Slugger
If you can ever make a case about how steroids can affect a player's performance, look no further than Bret Boone. Prior to the 1998 season, Boone never hit more than 15 HRs. From 1998-2004 he averaged 26 homers and beefed up considerably, plus all of his All-Star appearances, Gold Gloves and Silver Sluggers were in that same time frame. He was essentially doing it under everyone's noses until Canseco called him an obvious user in Juiced because of his small frame and huge arms. Jose also said he commented on Bret's newly acquired girth in which Boone replied, "Shh, don't tell anybody." Boone has denied those allegations, but faded into obscurity soon after.