Position(s): P
Stats: 211 W 3.28 ERA 2397 SO
Career: 1986-2005
Team(s): Rangers, Orioles, Marlins, Padres, Dodgers, Yankees
Accomplishments: 6x All-Star, 1x Champion
Kevin Brown was one of baseball's top pitchers in his prime. He was consistently in the mix for the Cy Young and always near the top when it came to ERA, leading all NL pitchers in 1996 and 2000. Brown was a part of the Marlins team that beat the loaded Indians in that legendary seven-game series in '97. He was also known for being injured, especially after he signed that crazy 7-year/$105 million contract with the Dodgers in 1999, making him baseball's first $100 million dollar man at the tender age of 34. Aware of his injury problems, the Yankees still traded for him and agreed to take on the last two years of the deal, even throwing LA two million in the process. His name came up in the Mitchell Report in 2007, tying him to Kirk Radomski whom he met through Paul Lo Duca. That was supported by a shipping receipt from 2004. Radomski stated that Brown was very knowledgeable about PEDs before he purchased any from him and sold him HGH about 5-6 times after 2001.