More bad news for T.O. It's no secret that he's been struggling to make child support payments to the mothers of his children for quite some time now. But, now it sounds like it could finally land him in some big trouble.

Owens missed a scheduled child support hearing yesterday, where he was supposed to tell a judge why he's nearly $20,000 behind on child support right now to Melanie Page Smith, the mother of his 7-year-old daughter. His lawyer claims his absence was simply due to a miscommunication on his part. But, after all T.O. has been through lately, the judge isn't so sure that's why he didn't show up. So, he's considering giving T.O. a jail sentence to try and force him to start making child support payments on time from now on.

"It's a tragedy," Smith's lawyer said, "not only that we are here today; this is the third case she has had to file in the last year. We are hoping next week the case will come to a resolution and Mr. Owens will pay and pay every month."

Good luck making that happen. For T.O., the struggle is real right now.

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[via ESPN]