If the 2012 Olympic basketball team played the 2008 Olympic basketball team, who would win? According to head coach Mike Krzyzewski, this year's squad has the chance to be better than the one that featured Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, and Chris Bosh—three guys who will not be in London this year to defend their gold medals from 2008 because of injuries.

"I think it has the potential to be [better] if we learn to use our versatility," he said yesterday. "It's a more versatile team than 2008. Now, does that translate into being better? Although we don't have the center, that team did have [Kevin] Durant or [Russell] Westbrook. So, it's a different team, and we'll see if it becomes better, but it can be [better]. It could be."

LeBron James agrees. "We have some guys that can pick it up," he said Sunday when asked about his teammates Wade and Bosh being sidelined from the Olympics. "I mean, D-Wade was our leading scorer, but we didn't have Kevin Durant on our team. We didn't have the activity of Tyson Chandler on our team as well and the athleticism at the point position."

So, who ya got? '08 or '12? Go watch some YouTube clips of Kevin Durant playing and then let us know.

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[via ESPN]