If you thought the Dwight Howard trade drama was over, think again. According to NBA reporter Alex Kennedy, the Los Angeles Lakers are discussing a possible three-way deal involving the Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The specifics are still a bit blurry, however it looks as in the end, Howard would end up with the Lake Show, Andrew Bynum would become a member of the Cavs and Orlando would receive some combination of draft picks, prospects and salary cap relief. 

Now, before you go dismissing these talks as just a rumor, let us inform you that the Lakers and Magic have been negotiating for a while now about swapping their respective big men with little effectiveness. The primary reason for the stalemate is due to the fact that Bynum doesn't want to sign a contract extension if he's shipped to Orlando. Now, if L.A. could swing a deal that would send the 24-year-old center to one of his desired teams, like the Cavaliers, then this deal could have some legitimate legs. 

On the other side, the Lakers already know that Howard will refuse to sign anything that will keep him in purple and gold for longer than one season. But L.A. is so confident that once he plays alongside Kobe Bryant and recent acquisition Steve Nash, D12 will want to remain on the team for a longer period of time. Plus, if he could also score some free highway brew like Nash, what's not to love about La La Land?        

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[via Alex Kennedy]

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