If you asked us, "Guess who just wrote a children's book?" we'd probably rattle off the names Charlie Sheen, Snooki, and Mike Tyson before we even came close to listing Dennis Rodman. And yet, The Worm has just finished his first children's book called Dennis the Wild Bull. According to a website created for the book, he recently teamed up with author/screenwriter Dustin Warburton and illustrator Dan Monroe to write the book "with the sole purpose of conveying good lessons to children based on Dennis's own experiences as a world class athlete while overcoming obstacles as a child."

Hmmm…So, does that mean it'll include lessons about dying your hair and dating world-famous pop stars?! Eh, probably not. And, we're also guessing that Dennis won't be naked on the cover of it, either. All good calls. But, we still can't wait to see what kinds of "lessons" Dennis the Menace has prepared for the kiddies.

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[via SLAM]