If your post game needs a little work, Hakeem Olajuwon can help you out. But it's going to cost you a pretty penny. After learning that Knicks head coach Mike Woodson wanted Amar'e Stoudemire to "be more of a threat in the post," the star forward has sought out the help of Hakeem for a stiff price. For two weeks, Stoudemire will learn from The Dream at a reported $50K per week. 

While no one knows for sure if that is Olajuwon's full asking price, Stoudemire is planning to make the most of his time learning from Hakeem in Houston. In those two weeks, Amar'e plans to "memorize every lesson so he can expand his game include one or two go-to moves on the post." You gotta admire STAT's desire to get better at every facet of the game, but at what cost? Literally. Now he only has $17+ million to throw around!  

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[via Black Sports Online]