You know how you always want something more when you can't have it? That sums up how we feel about Jeep trucks. Whenever there are any rumors or concepts of a new pickup, we geek out, only to find out there's no real chance of one hitting production. That's why we were so excited when we saw this Jeep Commando from 1968 on eBay. It's a little beat up, but this three-speed four-cylinder would be a great project car due to its low price.

Also, we can't help but notice how insanely spacious that engine bay is. That's what we miss in cars today. Everything is so intertwined with wires and covered in plastic, we can barely even reach the oil filter on modern vehicles. We're all about being able to literally climb into the engine to have access to any part we want. 

Current Bid at 3:50 p.m. ET on Wed., June 6: $4,000 (Reserve Not Met)


[via eBay]