For your sake, we hope you actually caught all the action of the Chad Kerley Vitaminwater Invitational live. It was more than three solid hours of incredible displays of technical BMX riding in a format never done before in street BMX competition. The jam sessions with the four obstacles made for a flowing reel of highlight after highlight from the best riders in the world. Kerley himself didn't participate, but people like Garrett Reynolds, Rob Wise and Stevie Churchill tore it up turn after turn. Catch the video highlights below and check the final results under the footage. 

Obstacle 1: (red/blue rails)
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Alex Kennedy
3rd- Rob Wise

Obstacle 2: (green rail & box)
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Stevie Churchill
3rd- Sean Sexton

Obstacle 3: (the island)
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Rob Wise
3rd- Stevie Churchill

Obstacle 4: (new railhop, winner takes all)
Stevie Churchill

Overall Rider of the Day:
Garrett Reynolds

[via Ride BMX, BMX Union, Dig BMX]