Note to self: Do not wear a Kevin Durant jersey to the AT&T Center in San Antonio. Why? Well, if you do, the chances of you—and your girl!—getting into a fight automatically go up. Way up. Here's an eyewitness account of an incident that took place in the stands during last night's Spurs/Thunder game:

"OKC fan was waving a KD jersey in the air right before the 4th quarter when a drunk Spurs fan from a row behind us walked down and grabbed it, then threw it. OKC fan obviously was pissed so he walked up and punched Spurs fan. OKC's girlfriend got involved. Spurs fan hit OKC's girlfriend and choked her. Cops came. Meanwhile, another Spurs fan sucker punched OKC fan. OKC's girlfriend jumped on Spurs fan. Spurs fan No. 2's mom then whaled on OKC's girlfriend in the blue with Louis bag on her shoulder the whole time. Poor older lady next to sister, who I was trying to drag out of harms way, got trampled. So did my sister. Crazy. Whole place, including Thunders bench, was watching us the whole time."

Wow. Here's another view of the brawl, which was actually picked up by the TNT cameras at one point:

Double wow. Stay classy, San Antonio!

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[via Bob's Blitz]