The Impala continued it's fast-paced evolution in '62 with another new redesign, this time straying even farther from the flowing curvaceous lines with a more boxy look. Chevy really took pride in the fact that these cars had a "velvet soft and whisper quiet," which they attributed to four large four large coil springs that "soak up bumps like a sponge," 725 points of sound and vibration dampening. Chevy also made it a point to try to reduce maintenance costs for its consumers, so inner front fenders were added to the Body by Fisher to protect from rust, and the muffler was coated with aluminum and zinc to help protect against corrosion. After the Turboglide was eliminated, three-speed synchro-mesh, overdrive, four-speed synchro-mesh, and powerglide transmissions were available to go along with six engine options that ranged from 135 horsepower to 409. This was also the first year, the all-transistor de luxe push-button radio was offered as an extra option.