If you're waiting to see what happens when Metta World Peace goes to shake James Harden's hand during Game 1 of the second-round playoff series between the Lakers and Thunder tonight, keep waiting. And waiting and waiting and waiting…

Not surprisingly, World Peace says that he will not extend a handshake to Harden tonight—three weeks after handing him a concussion by elbowing him in the back of his head during a regular season game. But the reason he gave yesterday for why he won't shake hands with Harden is a little bit surprising.

"He doesn't start," World Peace explained. "I only fist-bump the starting five. I don't fist-bump subs."

Shots…fired? Er, yeah. We think. Except that, well, it's not like Harden is some end-of-the-bench guy. He did, after all, just win the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award. So, we're not sure exactly what World Peace is trying to do by calling him out for being a sub. But, we do know that now we're even more interested in seeing what happens when these two get next to each other on the court tonight. Let the games begin!

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[via Los Angeles Times]

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