McLaren has a a warehouse at an undisclosed location called Unit 2. Between the secret warehouse and the stark, all white, anal-retentive HQ, we think the automaker might actually be an evil organization bent on world domination, but we digress. What is in Unit 2 is a collection of McLaren's legendary race winning cars. 

In order to up the cool factor of the dealers that McLaren has selected to carry the MP4-12C the company is distributing legendary cars to serve as eye candy. If you want to see a piece of motoring history, check out one of the company's nine USA dealerships:

  • Auto Gallery in Beverly Hills, CA
  • Park Place in Dallas, TX
  • Miller Motorcars in Grennwich, CT
  • Price Family Dealerships in San Francisco, CA
  • Lake Forest Sportscars in Chicago, IL
  • Dew Luxury Motorcars in Tampa Bay, FL
  • The Collection in Miami, FL
  • McLaren of Newport Beach, CA
  • McLaren of Philiadelphia, PA

[via Autoblog]

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