Maserati used to be the old established supercar manufacturer that Ferrari was trying to usurp. While the two companies' relations to each other have changed, what with Maserati using Ferrari engines, our desire for a more hard-core Maserati hasn't passed. 

Maserati's last mid-engined car was the extremely expensive, extremely rare, Enzo-based MC-12 (pictured), but this should be something just a little more attainable. While the company would like to build a new carbon fiber platform, if that proves too expensive, it will probably be based on the 458 Italia's platform, which certainly wouldn't be a bad thing. Power will, like everything else in the Maserati line up, come from a Ferrari V8. 

Expect this car to cost around $200,000 no sooner than 2015, if it happens at all.

[via Left Lane News]