Kudos to the lovely Lolo Jones. Last week, the track and field Olympian made headlines when she came out and revealed that remaining a virgin has been harder for her than training for the 2012 Summer Olympics. And, this week, she's doing everything she can to keep her name in the headlines.

This time, it's because she recently had a conversation with one of Tim Tebow's teammates Nick Mangold on Twitter. Apparently, Mangold is trying to hook the two of them up. But, according to Jones, she's heard that Touchdown Timmy is already spoken for, which would be news to, well, everyone.

I'm trying to get @timtebow to accept that he and @lolojones are a match made in heaven. #Lobow

— Nick Mangold (@nickmangold) May 29, 2012

@nickmangold thanks Nick but i actually heard tebow has a girlfriend he just isn't saying it publicly. the search continues...

— Lolo Jones (@lolojones) May 29, 2012

. @lolojones I will try to get some anwers and I'll report back. No worries #Lobow

— Nick Mangold (@nickmangold) May 29, 2012

So, that explains it. Tebow has a girl; he's just not telling anyone about her. Hmmm…It actually doesn't sound all that crazy when you put it like that. Let's hope Mangold reveals his findings tomorrow.

In the meantime, peep some pics of Jones in the thumbs above and let us know if you think Tebow is making a mistake by not trying to holla.

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[via Twitter]