Last week, someone agreed to pay $230,401 for Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl XXV ring at auction. The buyer wasn't identified, though. And, frankly, sports memorabilia gets sold all the time, so we really didn't think twice about who might have made the purchase. But, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the ring may have been purchased by someone who we all know pretty well.

"Got no idea if this is true," Glazer tweeted earlier today, "but if it is it's hilarious. Lawrence Taylor & his agent Mark Lepselter were told last night winning bidder for LT's Super Bowl Ring was none other than Charlie Sheen!!!"

Mr. "Winning!" himself? Well, if this is true, at least LT knows the ring is going to a terribly dysfunctional good home, right!? Ha.

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[via Jay Glazer]