How incredibly lame is this? After Steve Blake missed a three-pointer with just a few seconds left in the Lakers/Thunder game last night—a three-pointer that likely would have won the game for the Lakers—a former Laker took the time to jump onto Twitter to imply that if he was still on the Lakers, he would've had no problem sinking that three. That former Laker? Jordan Farmar. Yes, Jordan Farmar. Wait, did you not hear us? JORDAN FARMAR!

Later, he tried to imply that he was just kidding when he said that he would have hit the three.

But, c'mon, man! You don't do that to a fellow player. Especially when we all know that there's absolutely, positively NO WAY that you would have been on the court for the final shot last night, let alone on the court and in position to attempt the final shot. FOH.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]

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