Kevin Garnett must have a lot of pent-up energy right now. The Celtics have already clinched the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs, so the rest of their schedule is pretty much meaningless. And, you know who doesn't do "meaningless" very well? Kevin Garnett. We're sure you've noticed this by now thanks to incidents like this, but KG likes to put all of his blood, sweat, and tears into games. So, going through the motions isn't something that really appeals to him.

As a result, he has to unleash his energy somewhere. And, the other night, he unleashed it on these two innocent TV reporters. They were minding their business and doing a live broadcast when KG walked by, stopped right behind them, and…well, take a look for yourself. Creepy, Kevin. Very creepy.

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[via The Basketball Jones]

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