What the hell has gotten into Andrew Bynum? If you go back to the beginning on the 2011-12 NBA season, the Lakers center was a relatively low-key, under-the-radar kind of player. Sure, he got busted a couple times for speeding last year and made headlines for it. But, he wasn't really a headache for the team on or off the court. in fact, a lot of analysts had really warmed up to him this season and were starting to say that he was a better all-around center than Dwight Howard.

So much for that. In the last month alone, he's been benched by Lakers head coach Mike Brown for taking a three-pointer in the middle of a game. He's sat on the sidelines and refused to participate in team huddles during games (he later told reporters he likes to "get his Zen on" during timeouts). He's picked up completely unnecessary technical fouls. And he's started to lash out at the Lakers through the media. As a result, the team reportedly just fined Bynum an undisclosed amount of money for "numerous infractions," which no doubt includes everything we just listed plus a recent incident in which Bynum blew off a meeting he was supposed to have with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak.

But, will a fine really get Bynum back on his best behavior? Eh, TBD. The guy has been acting a fool lately—and we're not really sure why. But, we do know that that Bynum/Pau Gasol deal for Howard that almost went through a couple months ago suddenly doesn't sound so bad, does it, Lakers fans? Your man better get his shit together ASAP. Or else...

[via ESPN]

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