Anyone who tuned into Game 2 of the New York Rangers vs. Ottawa Senators series saw how ugly things got on Saturday. All the manners from the first game went out the window. Rangers rookie left winger Carl Hagelin is now paying the price for his rough play. During the second period, Hagelin threw a high elbow that connected with Senators caption Daniel Alfredsson's head. The blow caused Alfredsson to miss the rest of the game due to injury. Hagelin received a five-minute major for the hit but the biggest penalty came in the form of a three-game suspension handed down on Sunday.

When asked if he had any contact with Alfredsson since the hit Haglin said, "I sent him a text yesterday that said I'm sorry and I'm very regretful for what happened."

Yup, that awkward text you receive after some vicious head game. Ayo! The series is tied 1-1 and Game 3 is Monday, folks. #mustwatchtv

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[via The New York Times]

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