Life outside the NFL has been extremely difficult for Charles Rogers, to say the least. After a brief three-year stint in the league, Rogers faced a plethora of legal troubles, including violating his probation and multiple DUIs. All of which doesn't include his much publicized, long-term battle with marijuana use. However, everything that the former Detroit Lions receiver has done wrong in his past pales in comparison to a recent discovery of his off-the-field issues.

On Friday, revealed that in a police report, Rogers (with the help of his uncle, Ronie) threatened to kill his own mother if she didn't give back $100,000. According to the documents, Rogers told his mother he would “blow her mouth out" and he was "willing to do 'the time' that would result in shooting her." While there's no back-story to fully understand why such a threat was made, will there ever be a just reason for a child to want to off his own mom? 

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