Saving the best for last and rounding out Willie G's line-up as acting Chief Styling Officer is Harley-Davidson's 72. Essentially, the 72 is an old school seventies-styled mini-chopper with a bad attitude. Sort of like that hot long legged girl in 11th grade that uses her looks to get you to burn down the school. Sad that this is where Willie G. jumps off the train because he is onto something big. Custom 7 layered Candy Apple Red large metal flecked encase all the right curves on this lean, mean, muscular machine. Long skinny forks push out the front white walled tire and a solo saddle make you feel like an East L.A. cholo as you stretch out to grab onto the chromed-out mini ape hangers over the glistening peanut tank. Get moving and with a flick of the wrist, you will feel the neck-snapping delivery from the 1200cc power plant. You feel like you're trying to tame a wild pissed off mosquito. I'm trying to get wifey to fall in love with it so I can bring one home for myself.