1. 1990 UNLV Runnin' Rebels

Key Players: Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon, Greg Anthony
Finish: Won the national championship
Record: 35-5

103 to 73. Let us say that again: 103-73. That was the final score of the 1990 National Championship Game in which the Runnin' Rebs absolutely crushed the hopes, dreams, and souls of the Duke Blue Devils and their fans. Led by Jerry Tarkanian, this team was talented—and they knew it. They fired up threes. They threw down dunks. And, probably most impressively, they ran the fast break with such efficiency that Duke could've shot 100 percent from the field in that championship game and we're pretty sure that they still would have lost. Did UNLV spit the bit in the semifinal game the following year, allowing Duke more than a measure of sweet revenge? Yes, despite having three players picked in the top half of that year's NBA draft, they did. But, for one shining moment, this team of badasses, with their badass coach, and repping a badass town, simply ran the pretty boy Blue Devils right out of the frickin' building. And what's more badass than that?