42. 1954 Kentucky Wildcats

Key Players: Frank Ramsey, Cliff Hagan, Lou Tsioropoulos
Finish: Did not participate in the NCAA Tournament
Record: 25-0
Video: None

Want to know how to turn an above-average team into a badass team? Throw them into the middle of a point-shaving scandal, give them a one-year suspension, let them continue to practice together, and then throw them back into the mix and see what happens. That's exactly what happened to this team and, as a result, legendary UK coach Adolph Rupp said the '54 Wildcats were "the finest team I have ever seen." They routinely blew teams out and beat the eventual national champs LaSalle by 13 during the regular season. Unfortunately, they didn't get to see their season through—the NCAA declared Ramsey, Hagan, and Tsioropoulos ineligible to play in the NCAA Tournament because they graduated before the tourney actually started—but history still remembers this team as one of the best to ever do it.