This past Wednesday, the Bulgarian club, PFC Kaliakra Kavarna, suffered their 14th defeat of the season and slipped to second-to-last in their division. To make matters worse, the team has not registered a single point in their last five matches. So, as the saying goes, drastic times call for drastic measures.

In an effort to spark a collective fire within his team, Kaliakra's team president Ventsislav Vasilev has decided to stop paying his players until they start winning games. According to the Daily Mail, Vasilev stated that “the decision will be in force until further notice." He also added that the squad will have to fight to not only win games, but to also earn their paycheck.

By next week, we would not be surprised to hear that Kaliakra has built up a solid winning streak. But if they do continue to lose, how long will Vasilev continue to deprive his team of their salaries? At some point, they gotta pay the bills.    

[via Dirty Tackle]

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