Kansas City Royals fans are a special breed rarely found in sports. Year after year, their team fails to even come close to competing for the playoffs, and year after year, the fans get excited at the beginning of a new baseball season. Unfortunately, those fans might be hanging their heads early this year, as closer Joakim Soria, one of the Royals best players, announced that he will be having his second Tommy John surgery after MRI results showed damage to the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. 

The decision came after he was pulled from his game this past Sunday and he sought opinions from three different doctors. Soria's first surgery came in 2003 as a minor-leaguer for the Dodgers. The complete reconstruction will replace his ligament and require 10-14 months of recovery time. At least Kansas City has Eric Hosmer to look forward to. 

[via Kansas City Star]

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