Despite the fact that Joe Paterno was fired months ago—and subsequently passed away at the age of 85 in JanuaryPenn State is still under constant criticism from some people for axing him as their head coach in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. So, earlier today, they tried to explain themselves yet again by releasing a statement that calls Joe Pa out for his "failure of leadership." Specifically, the statement says that Coach Paterno should have done more to make sure Sandusky wasn't involved in the kinds of sexual activities that he was accused of years ago.

"We determined that his decision to do his minimum legal duty and not to do more to follow up constituted a failure of leadership by Coach Paterno," Penn State trustees said in the statement.

The trustees also explained why they didn't fire Paterno to his face in his statement, claiming that all of the media hoopla surrounding the Sandusky accusations made it impossible for them to get a meeting with Joe Pa. "We saw no better alternative," they said. "Because Coach Paterno's home was surrounded by media representatives, photographers, and others, we did not believe there was a dignified, private, and secure way to send Board representatives to meet with him there."

Um, okay? Listen, we know you guys just want to explain yourselves. But you do realize that, at this point in time, this statement basically did nothing to change anyone's opinion of you, Joe Paterno, or this scandal, right? In ten years or so, you'll be able to provide one hell of an oral history of all of this. But, for now, stay away from making anymore statements. It's time to move on.

[via Sports Illustrated]

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