What's in store?

We’re gonna debut everything. We’re gonna have the wax, we’ll have the products here, demonstrations, the ice cream truck, and about 35 other hand-picked show cars from every realm. From stock muscle car to classic European cars, to lowrider of the year to an SLR convertible to a Bugatti. We’ll have everything here. It’s a celebration of this launch to let everybody know what it is.

The thing is that people will be able to get their hands on this. This is my household product. Everyone will be able to raise their kids on it. Show your kids how to take some pride and say, "Hey son, go help hook up the wheels." Even if they're stock wheels, you want them to be clean.

We'll also have a starter kit, so we’ll be able to show what we’re gonna do. I'm taking my experience from all the apparel and collaborations I’ve done and putting mouths behind it. At the same time, we’ll still be doing obscure collabos that only a few people will get; stuff that’s hard to find. I also want people to get this stuff. We’re gonna go with Vans on tour and sell products.