What is the main product line you're focusing on?

Picture Turtle Wax. We’re making our own version of that. That company just sold to a major corporation for somewhere around $700 million. There’s a huge market there, and our love goes all over the place. We love all kinds of different colors, and you know we’ve traveled all over the world. I got my pen and I started drawing these crazy bottles out.

I wanted the bottle to look like a spray gun, so it looked like I was painting a car. I started wylin' on all the different bottles, really getting creative with it. But then the next part of it was sitting with an engineer and really making the stuff work. So the bottles turn into molds, and then you get the molds and you have to make sure that the balance is right. It’s a long process. It took about a year just to get from beginning sketches to a physical sample in front of me. But most things take a year. 

Are these bottles going to be collector's items? 

Exactly, I hand drew every one. In the age of computers and everyone digitally taking pictures of cars in like fish eye lenses and stuff like that? It was important to me to hand draw each car, to do a letter font that’s mine, to create the colors, coming from basically a painter, you know? 

Doing my old school drawing takes me back to when I was a kid painting the wall. There are no shortcuts. You gotta detail it and put the colors and the shade. I used to sit there for hours on each bottle. We have spray detailer, tire gloss, leather conditioner, car wash in a bottle. There are 13 products total.  

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