Although the Cincinnati Bengals have had their successes on the football field, they have developed a notorious reputation for players getting in trouble with the law. Usually, the offseason is a nice break for the organization from scandalous headlines. This year, however, an unlikely source shattered that normally relaxing vacation time. 

Ben-Gals (get it!?) cheerleader Sarah Jones, who doubles as a high school English teacher, was indicted for first-degree sexual abuse for having sex with a student. She was also charged with unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual acts (sexting anyone?). She faces up to five years in prison for each. 

This isn't the first time that Jones has been scrutinized under the public eye. In 2009, gossip site was anonymously given and subsequently posted crude photos of Jones, accusing her of having sexual relations with multiple Bengals players as well as carrying two sexually transmitted diseases. Jones sued the site, appeared on shows like Anderson Cooper 360 and 20/20, and eventually settled on an $11 million agreement. All we can do is sit back and praise the student that pulled this off. Doing the hot teacher that's a professional cheerleader? #LikeABoss

[via Pro Football Talk]

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