Here is what this headline should have read: "Arena Football League Celebrates 25 Years, Inducts Kurt Warner into Hall of Fame." Instead, it's about the fed up Orlando Predators taking their giant authoritative scissors and cutting ties with every player on their current roster and the sticky contract drama surrounding them. 

The Pittsburgh Power started the 25th year of Arena Football with a 40-26 victory over a Predators team of fill-ins and replacements. The cut was caused by recent contract struggles between the league and the players. Currently, a player is paid $400 per game for 10 games. The players wanted that tripled, and they ended up getting put on waivers. Simple solution, right? The team was quickly filled with local talent before Friday night's game. Maybe they can hit that Terrell Owens guy up. Or Shane Falco? Or maybe the answer is staring right at us in the original headline. 

[via The Victory Formation]

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