Could Chico Herrera be the Jeremy Lin of Major League Baseball? Maybe. 

On Thursday, the former high school standout was invited to tryout for the Los Angeles Dodgers. On the surface, that doesn't seem like big deal, right? After all, he was just one of 125 players who was asked to come to the Dodgers annual tryout in Arizona for a shot at making the team. But, here's the catch: For the last four years, Herrera has been the Dodgers ball boy. That's right. The kid has been shagging fly balls during BP and fielding balls in foul territory for the team. But now, thanks to Dodgers pitcher Jon Garland who recommended him for the tryout, he has a chance to be on the team.

Does he have a good chance? Er, not really. As we said, he's one of 125 players who made the trek to 'Zona for the tryout. But, if he does somehow manage to make the team? It'll be almost as unlikely as an Asian-American point guard from Harvard taking the NBA by storm.

So, just in case, start printing up the T-shirts now!

[via Big League Stew]

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