The sport of high-speed motorcycle racing is one of the most dangerous in the world, taking corners at death-defying speeds and practically scraping the ground in attempt to get one-tenth of a second advantage over opponents. Even the slightest fluctuation in the track could inflict disastrous results if not taken correctly. That is why "The Mountain" at Caldwell Park, nicknamed "the  Mini-Nürburgring," creates one of the most exhilarating points for racers and most entertaining for fans. Coming off a left-to-right S-curve, a hill gives riders a boost through the sky. 

"There's nothing scary or difficult about it, it actually feels really natural. It's when something doesn't go right that it then becomes painstaking."

Painstaking and excruciatingly painful, as many fall victim to the hill, flying through the air as the safety of their bike escapes from underneath them. This is one experience we'll leave to the pros.

[via Autoblog]

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