Last year Jensen released the first sketches of a plan to revive the Interceptor. One of the most famous models of the vehicle that dominated that '60s and '70s was the FF, short for Ferguson Formula four-wheel drive. It was the first supercar with four-wheel drive and was powered by a 6.3-litre V8 that boasted 325 bhp. 

Although we aren't sure if we'll ever see a new Interceptor FF, there is a new FF that has taken the spotlight. This FF stands for Ferrari Four, because of the similar four-wheel drive and four seats. The Ferrari has almost double the performance with a 12-cylinder engine that produces 650 bhp and tops out at 208 mph. Classic Driver took the two cars up to St. Moritz in the Engadine Valley in Switzerland for a little leisure driving. Check out the footage above.

[via Cars UK]

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