Louisiana State University coach Les Miles quickly turned the Tiger Gridiron Club's Bayou Bash Recruiting Party into a Comedy Central special when he took a couple cheap shots at a recruit that did not pick LSU. Indiana quarterback Gunner Kiel (perfect name, right?) originally said he wanted to stay in-state and go to Indiana University. He then said he was going to take his talents to LSU, before changing his mind once again and committing to Notre Dame. Obviously unhappy that the kid didn't follow his original word, Miles made some roast-level comments about the teenager.

"We needed a quarterback in this class," Miles said around the 1:35 mark in the video. "There was a young man from Indiana that thought about coming to the Bayou State. He did not necessarily have the chest and the ability to lead a program. So you know."

We expect this from Twitter hot shots, but not from one of the most well-publicized coaches in the nation. It wasn't just what he said, either, it was the way he said it. The words spewed from his mouth in a majestic manner, like a WWE wrestler to an arena full of unruly fans. Not cool, Les. Not cool at all. 

[via Eye on College Football]

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