Ever heard of Pac Div? They are an upcoming hip-hop group out of Cali that just came out with their first album. We aren't here to talk about that, though. On their most well-known mixtape Church League Champs, they have a song called "Knuckleheadz." The chorus of the track goes, "I'mma do what I wanna do, act how I wanna act, say what I wanna say, yeah, I'm a knucklehead." We'd like to nominate that track as the theme song for the first time Washington Wizard JaVale McGee was benched this season for throwing an oop to himself. That was about a month ago. 

Tonight, McGee made yet another obnoxious, but hilarious, play when he spiked Francisco Garcia's shot into the stands and was called for goaltending. He obviously knew what he was doing and was again sent to his seat by new coach Randy Wittman. Lucky for us, we have the perfect theme song for this as well: Pac Div's "Still a Knucklehead" off their mixtape Mania!.

"I keep sayin' what I say, keep doin' what I do, ain't nothin' change, who are you, still a knucklehead," this chorus rhymes. "I keep actin' how I act, keep wearin' what I wear, no, I dont' really care, still a knucklehead." This Wizards team, McGee in particular, just doesn't get it, and it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon. Look for part three, "Forever a Knucklehead," to round out the trilogy. 

[via Rant Sports]

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