Bayer Leverkusen defender Michal Kadlec was so determined to get his hands on the jersey of Lionel Messi after Tuesday's game against Barcelona that he placed a claim with the Argentinian forward during half time. However, things didn't turn out to plan when Kadlec's teammate, Manuel Friedrich, demanded the shirt for himself. Eventually the two Leverkusen players got into a spat over who should rightfully get the game-worn kit.   

Messi opted to not go all King Solomon on 'em (look it up, people!) and gave both guys a jersey. But the whole situation didn't sit well with Bayer Leverkusen's sporting director Rudi Voller, who stated "'I can guarantee that Kadlec and Friedrich will auction off their Messi shirts for a good cause. What the pair did was a bit over the top." A little excessive? Yes. A bad look for the club? Definitely. Give the Messi jersey away after fighting so hard for it? FOH!    


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