An 11 year old child in Albany, NY has committed his second felony. He stole a Mercury Grand Marquis and drove 10 miles before being stopped by police. When he saw a cop car he apparently did a burnout at the stop lights and slumped down into his seat. Backup was called because the officers couldn't see the driver and thought it might be an adult concealing a weapon. 

Previously this same child has also befriended a shop owner, secretly unlocked her windows, and robber her cash register after the store closed. 

A beat cop spotted him breaking into cars a few days later. Another officer commented "He was amazed; like he was watching a 20-year-old. The way the kid would look out for police, the way he was quickly checking the door handles. Like he had done it 100 times before."

Someone is right on track for a productive life.

[via Times Union]