25. The Gatorade Bath

What: Super Bowl XXI vs. Denver Broncos
Date: 1/27/1987

The 1986-87 Giants were a special bunch. They won the Super Bowl in decisive fashion against the Denver Broncos to give the franchise its' first NFL title in 30 years. However, they also gave the sports world something that's endured for the last 25 years—the Gatorade bath. For the first time in Super Bowl history, a team doused their coach—in this case, Bill Parcells—with Gatorade after winning the big game (but, for the record, they actually started doing it during the regular season). The ritual stuck and now every coach who wins the Super Bowl gets to take a bath as the final seconds tick off the clock. And you can thank the G-Men for that. #thefuckdoesyourteamhave?

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