1. Baby's First Ferrari

Vehicle: 1986 Ferrari Testarossa Go-Kart
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Complex Says: These limited-edition go-karts originally sold for more than $50,000 at FAO Schwartz and Neiman-Marcus, when they were introduced in 1986. Doesn't that make the $18,500 Buy It Now price for this go-kart look downright reasonable? It may only be a go-kart, but the attention to detail is pretty impressive. It has a two-speed automatic transmission with a reverse gear, rear disc brakes, a Momo steering wheel, and a 5 hp Briggs and Stratton motor that gets the kart up to 30mph. When you're sitting as low to the ground as you do in a kart, 30 mph feels a lot faster than it would in an actual Testarossa. Or you could buy the other Testarossa on this week's list, if you'd rather save some money.