The New York Giants are Super Bowl champions for the second time in four years after beating the New England Patriots 21-17. Eli Manning won MVP and haters can no longer leave him off the list of elite quarterbacks. The G-Men's game-winning drive was impressive to say the least and included two key game-changing moments.

Situation one and top video: Giants were down 15-17, had the ball at their own 12, and had 1st and 10 with 3:46 remaining in the game. Eli lofted a toss down the sideline to Mario Manningham. Under tight coverage and with safety Patrick Chung barreling towards him, Manningham secured the ball and touched both feet safely in bounds for a 38-yard masterpiece. 

Situation two and bottom video: The Giants were on the six-yard line with 1:04 remaining. Smartly, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick opened up the field to allow Ahmad Bradshaw to easily score the go-ahead touchdown so Brady and the Pats would have one last chance. Bradshaw, partially shocked that he was walking in for the score, got to the goal line, squatted, realized he probably shouldn't score yet, and proceeded to fall in. Obviously, he should have gone down to waste more time and lock up the win. His mistake didn't end up mattering, however, as the Pats failed to score on a Hail Mary on their final drive. Prepare yourselves people: Be sure to make the necessary preparations for Eli vs. Peyton month. 

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