A person's opinion of Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah rides entirely on whether or not you like the Bulls or the Florida Gators. If you do, you probably love him and think he's one of the toughest players in the league. If you don't, you probably hate him and think he's a no-talent cry baby with one of the ugliest jumpers in the league. One thing nobody can dispute is that he's ridiculously passionate and entertaining. 

If you haven't noticed, Noah has been a big supporter of the cowboy gunslinger celebration. He informed the world he's GOT A GUN, and he's not afraid to use it. Noah has used that particular move for the past year or two, but he's no stranger to gettin' down. We'd like to take you guys back about five years to a post-game interview after the Gators had just locked down the SEC tournament on their way to the 'ship. With Al Horford as his hypeman, Noah hears the Florida fight song and does a dance that looks like a mixture of a rabbit having sex, the Usain Bolt celebration, and a band director keeping time. Ladies and gentlemen, The People's Princess. 

[via YouTube]

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