The people over at Deadspin have shed some light on something real sad yet incredibly interesting. As the story goes, Jason Elia–a television writer from Nashville, Tennessee–scored a pair of tickets for Super Bowl XLVI. He planned on bringing his girlfriend along with him. In fact, he wanted to propose to her on Christmas Day. But when Jason was diagnosed with bladder cancer, everything came to sudden halt. The proposal needed to be put on hold...but that wasn't his choice. After hearing about the diagnosis, his girlfriend broke up with him and left him high and dry.

Fast forward to today and it seems that his now ex-girlfriend is demanding that she receive the tickets because they were purchased with her in mind. Huh?! So, instead of just giving them up to someone who didn't give a damn about him, Jason has decided to get a little creative. He will be giving the Super Bowl tickets to the person that gives him the most Twitter followers by the end of the Pro Bowl. With the final announcement coming on Tuesday, the leader with 250 followers so far is a girl who is promising five-minute shows for anyone who follows Mr. Elia. We know how expensive Super Bowl tickets are these days, so if you got a great idea and can work real quickly, you could be enjoying the big game in Indy next Sunday. 

[via Deadspin]

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