Earlier in the week, Cam Newton had some pretty harsh (and brutally honest) things to say about JaMarcus Russell and his negative impact on the perspection of up and coming black NFL quarterbacks. After Cam said his peace in the NEXT issue of ESPN The Magazine, JaMarcus took to Twitter and voiced his opinion saying,

I was taught not to bring up other people's names in MY business. Dude is having a great rookie season, and my football career to this point is what it is, but to blame me for America's perception of black quarterbacks is just ignorant and not only disregards the plight and strides made by those who came before us, but gives those who do have hidden racial agendas a ready-made excuse to spew their garbage.

While JaMarcus Russell makes a few solid points in his rebuttal, there's one remaining fact that numbers don't lie. Plain and simple, if you cannot succeed as a starting quarterback, you won't be in the NFL. However, playing devil's advocate here, race and the former Raiders quarterback have undoubtedly had a part in the assumption of how Cam Newton would perform in his rookie season, but people need to stop using JaMarcus as the lone scapegoat whenever the failures of black QBs are brought up in conversation.  

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