Oh, 49ers fans! Way to restore our faith in humanity! Just when we were beginning to think that you'd kick a man when he was at his lowest, you come along and...Oh, who are we kidding? After 49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams fumbled away not one but two punt returns during the NFC Championship Game yesterday and, in effect, cost his team the game to the Giants, you 49ers fans out there kicked him while he was down, picked him back up, kicked him down again, and then kept on stomping. And, how'd you do it? By taking to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, of course, with a series of unbelievable death threats.

One of the most notable came on Facebook: "Kyle Williams...you need to leave San Francisco forever, you should never be allowed to play in the NFL again...Your play and your post game comments should be enough to earn yourself a spot in 49ers history...As the biggest POS to ever wear the red and gold. Lots of hope for next year, let's just hope that KW gets hit by a bus, eaten by a lion, or dies in some other terrible way so he can't ruin the 49ers season again...What a terrible piece of garbage you are KW, you ruined the game I have been waiting for over 10 years..."

Oh, wooooooord? That's how ya feel? Listen, we love sports around here every bit as much as you guys do. But this is out of line. And if you are one of the guys who wished death upon Kyle Williams for making a couple of mistakes—in a fucking football game!—we fully encourage you to GTFOH and never come back. Williams is lucky to have some great teammates who also took to Twitter to express how thankful they are to have the wide receiver as a teammate. Unlike these Twitter crazies, Patrick Willis and Adam Snyder realize that this is not a matter of life and death. It's time for the fans to take a page from that chapter. 

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