Right now, we're pretty sure Jose Bautista is somewhere out there in the world chugging bottles of Poland Spring and lemon-line Gatorade. Reason being: He just revealed that, in spite of what you might think, he could really care less if Major League Baseball decides to test him for steroids—even if they decide to do it one million times. In fact, he welcomes them to do it, if that means people will stop suspecting him of using performance-enhancement drugs.

"I don't mind it," the slugger revealed recently. "It's something that is not going to affect my focus and I'm not going to allow it to allow how I play my game. They are entitled to do whatever they want and test you as many times as they want. If I get picked to be tested a million times, that's fine with me."

Really, dude? We could understand, you know, 20 or 25 times. But if Bud Selig sends some guy in a lab coat out to your house a million times, you're going to be okay with it? Well, alrighty then. Keep pounding all that H2O. It sounds like you're gonna need it.

[via Big League Stew]

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