14. Travis Pastrana

Injury Sustained: Severed spine, broken foot, broken ankle
Raced In: Rally America Series, AMA Motocross, East Coast Supercross, X Games
Complex Says: Throughout his career, Travis Pastrana has put his body through an amazing amount of abuse. At age 14, an accident during a jump at an FMX competition completely severed his spine from his pelvis. We'll give you a moment to digest that. Doctors said he'd never walk again, and he was wheelchair-bound for several months. The doctors were wrong.

Pastrana has broken or severely injured the majority of the rest of his body since then, but he keeps going. Not only that--he keeps trying new series. At the July 2011 X Games, he broke his foot and ankle shortly before he was supposed to have his debut drive in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Is he quitting? No. He's got his sights set on NASCAR for 2012 now.