Sure, digging your fingers into thin red paper covered in Santa faces and shredding it into 800 pieces is extremely fun. Even the anticipation leading up to discovering what is inside those strangely-shaped boxes is frustratingly glorious. Yet, sometimes a simple card that opens up to the refreshing smell of cold hard cash can be the most satisfying. Why you ask? Because you can save up and put all that money together to do things like renting tanks to demolish old, useless cars

With the slogan "Do Something Different," Drive a Tank offers a truly unique experience found only in  Kasota, Minnesota. For $499, you can take an approximately three-hour tour that includes training and history lessons, test driving the Abbott & FV432 APC, and test firing three historic machine guns. If you really want to go big, you can pay an additional $499 for a single-car crush or $699 for a double-car destruction. Sounds like perfect family fun!

[via Drive a Tank]

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