47. Patriots Spygate

Date: 9/10/2007
Key Players: New England Patriots coaching staff
Video Evidence: Click Here.

Who woulda thunk that underneath the homeless-guy sleeveless hoodie Bill Belichick was a mad genius who filmed other teams' sidelines to learn their defensive signals? Well, pretty much everyone, but it became public knowledge in 2007 when the Jets caught the Patriots doing just that during a game. Even though the league lowered the boom (half a milli fine for Belichick, 250 large for the team, and the loss of a first-round draft pick), it still left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Well, everyone's but Tom Brady's; it takes a lot more than cheating to make someone forget the taste of Gisele Bundchen's vagina.

The following February, Pennsylvania (as in state containing Pittsburgh, New England AFC rival, and Philadelphia, New England vanquished Super Bowl foe) Senator Arlen Specter decided to get involved in the brouhaha. Y'know, since there was nothing else happening in the country that senators might want to take note of, like an unregulated housing market that eventually drove the country into a recession we're still climbing out of.