90. Ed Hochuli Screws Up

Date: 9/14/2008
Key Players: Ed Hochuli, NFL referee and Jay Cutler, Denver Broncos
Video Evidence: Click Here.

With the Broncos trailing the Chargers late in the second game of the '08 season, Denver QB Jay Cutler rolled to his right and fumbled the ball, sealing a San Diego W. Or not. Longtime ref and aspiring bodybuilder Ed "Welcome to the Gun Show" Hochuli ruled it an incomplete pass—and because he had whistled the play dead with less than two minutes remaining, it couldn't be challenged or overturned. Cutler, of course, recovered to throw a TD, and then a go-ahead two-point conversion, and Hochuli was loudly criticized quietly criticized by people who didn't want to be torn limb from limb.

By day, Hochuli is a trial lawyer in Tucson. That's fucking weird, right? It's like seeing your fourth-grade teacher buying condoms at CVS. As far as we're concerned, he sleeps in that ref uniform.